Domestic Termination:
CCCTelecom’s Domestic Platform interconnects with Tier-1 carriers, Feature Group D network owners, and large CLECS, with whom we have direct trunk group connections. We are not reliant on aggregators as vendors in our network.

Using high quality carriers our Domestic Termination provides customers with a very high level of quality and service.

Offering multiple rate deck level pricing and service, CCCTelecom does build custom rate decks based on a customer’s traffic.

Toll Free Origination:
CCCTelecom built its toll free platform using only Tier-1 carriers and Feature Group D network owners with their own cic, providing the customer with the highest quality of service.

CCCTelecom provides Customers with a variety of Rate Plans.

These Plans include flat rate per minute plans, for the lower 48 states, where we take the rate risk and you know what every minute is going to cost you.

NPA NXX pricing and LATA OCN Plans are also available.

And if you want to use one specific carrier for all your toll free traffic we can also do that.

Tell us what your needs are so we can provide you a solution for your toll free service.

Direct Inward Dialing:

CCCTelecom provides domestic U.S. local origination solutions through Direct Inward Dialing.

Transporting originated local calls and terminating them to our customer’s switch, using Local DID Telephone numbers. We provide local numbers in more than 6,000 rate centers located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.